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A legacy of support & comfort

A Port in the Storm (APITS) provided over 1,000 people and their families a place to call home while in Winnipeg for medical treatment. APITS was always the first to receive a call from the Never Alone Cancer Foundation while trying to secure safe and affordable accommodations for cancer patients…...

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Due to Covid-19 we will not be providing the free oral cancer check on April 25, 2020. Take a minute to review the risk factors and the more importantly the symptoms. Each year 10% of the people we screen need to go for a followup biopsy and 1-3 people are diagnosed…...

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When you can’t be there to say goodbye

Long distance or mandatory distancing (COVID-19) means families, friends and loved ones cannot always be there for a final goodbye. Today’s realities provide a good reminder that we should take the opportunityin our daily lives to tell our loved ones what they mean to us. Due to COVID-19 many people…...

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Catherine Wreford Ledlow gave an inspiring speech at our 14th Annual Luncheon....

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