Shred For Fred

In early 2016, Melissa and Joel from Springhill Winter Park called to tell us about a fundraiser they were having for an employee, Frederick Taylor.  At the time we couldn’t have known the impact he would have on us, and how the commitment of his friends and family would help us provide comfort to others. When he met our volunteer he spoke with grace and wisdom – “Tell someone everyday that you love them”. He had such an impact on her that day that she immediately started working on a blanket. It was delivered to him before his second surgery.

Fred passed away on March 25, 2016. He packed a lot into the 25 years he had. The words Soar In Adventure will stay with us.

His family, friends and his Springhill family held a fundraiser on March 5, 2017 and it was a massive success. They raised over $11,000 for Never Alone and also provided funds to a scholarship at Red River. Never Alone will ensure that these funds provide others with support and comfort.

Excerpt from the Shred for Fred website:

Fred became very close to the Never Alone Foundation who provided him and his family with the little things that other organizations don’t or can’t provide.  Fred was impressed by this organization that asked, “What do you needed” and provided it without hesitation. When he asked, “WHY?” the answer was “Because we can!”  Before he passed, Fred asked that his family and company take on the Never Alone Foundation as their charity of choice.


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