Never Alone has you covered

You never realize how much the things we do impact people until someone mentions it to you. The NAF has had such an impact on our lives, right from the moment they contacted us about Frederick and asked what do you need, what can we do. We didn’t know what we needed.

Frederick had just come home from emergency brain surgery. We were still reeling from the diagnosis and had not had a chance to figure out what we may need. NAF knew and immediately started helping out. A Lymphatic massage was offered and within an hour we had an appoint for one the very next day. That was just the beginning of their assistance. That first connection with NAF grew quickly as staff and volunteers came to our family with help and suggestions. The bond that was made then continues to grow today. When Frederick was presented with one of their famous blankets he was told “Never Alone has you covered”. We all felt included in that statement. We feel that sums up perfectly what the Never Alone Foundation is all about.

Fred & Laurel Taylor



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