Direct Support

Direct Support

Having cancer can undermine your mental and physical well-being.  A person may feel alone, stressed by financial hardships (lost wages, parking fees, medication, etc) or simply feel overwhelmed.

The Never Alone Foundation can listen, give guidance, deliver a gift of support (blanket, hoodie) and provide a helping hand. If we can not provide an answer, we will work to find one.

Contact our office by email or by phone 204.779.2441


I brought the blanket you blessed my mom with to her this past long weekend. She was very moved by your kind action and said its going to be her hospital blanket.  She was very touched that you were able to help me out with gas cards to enable me to go out and see her.  She wanted me to send you all thanks for being there for us through this cancer journey.  I also told her I was going to start volunteering with your awesome organization as a way to give back and walk alongside others who are going through the same thing!  Thanks again.

Just wanted to send you & the Never Alone Foundation a profound thank you for the encouragement package that you had sent my twin sister Lydia who has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer.  She did have intensive surgery in early January & it has been a tough go since then.  She was unaware of a package arriving & said that it really lifted her spirits at a time when she needed it & she greatly appreciated it.  She wears the necklace with the two loops faithfully.  It meant a lot to her at a time when she needed the encouraging words that were sent along with it.  She sends a heartfelt thank you for this kind gesture.  

Sincere Gratefulness for you & your Foundation!”


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