Day Away Program

Day Away Program

Cancer can put a strain on more than just your health. Our Day Away Program gives people a day(s) to rejuvenate and spend time with loved ones without any extra burdens.

Write in and tell us about an individual or family you know that could benefit from time away. Often the financial hardships associated with a life threatening illness can make these experiences impossible.  We can create a suitable experience and can include, but isn’t limited to  a concert, hockey game, dinner out, spa day or time at the cabin.

Please ensure you have discussed sharing an individuals’ information before contacting us. If you are unsure on how to proceed simply call us or email us and we can discuss how the program works.  Proof of illness and financial information maybe required.



Just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing us to go to Fargo. We had a really good time and were able to do many of the things we had done on a previous trip with Rob. The other week Michael was telling me that a potential donor was asking what exactly you do and I have been thinking about that. My answer to him would be that the Never Alone allows cancer patients and their families to temporarily forget about the situation they are in to have some fun doing something they love and making memories. That is what the foundation had done for us. I will never forget the football games with Rob, especially the Grey Cup and his huge smile! And I cherish the time away last week with Isaac. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do.

Thanks again!  Karen.


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