Providing emotional, social, financial and informational support to patients, families and caregivers affected by cancer.

What is the Never Alone Cancer Foundation?

Never Alone Cancer Foundation is an organization that provides support to cancer patients and their families. We provide packages of support (blankets, books, etc.), advice on who to contact for other services, peer support and  grants to help with unforeseen challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Opportunities are also provided to patients so that they may attend sporting or theatrical events during a period where financial instability may cause barriers.

Who We Are.

Blue Bombers Alumnus and former CFL Executive Lyle Bauer conceived  Never Alone Cancer Foundation after being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004. “When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I can tell you that in spite of family and friends, I had never felt so alone and unsure of what the future would bring,” recalled Bauer, who has since successfully fought the disease.

His experience with the disease and the support he received from friends, family, and cancer service providers inspire him to help other cancer patients to let them know that they are Never Alone.

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As one person I cannot change the world.
But I can change the world of one person.
~ Paul Shane Spear

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